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Smoby FleXtreme Neon Set, racetrack

Smoby FleXtreme Neon Set, racetrack

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Способы и стоимость доставки
Производитель: Noname
Артикул 01.ee:2219780
Код производителя: 7600180917
  • 3032161809175
Время предъявления претензий: 12 месяцев

Smoby FleXtreme is a unique play world that sets no limits to children's creativity! Using flexible rails, kids can assemble the craziest racing tracks and drive incredible stunts and routes with the powerful FleXtreme racing cars: including sensational climbs, overhead rides and crazy slopes! With the brand new Neon Racetrack Set, kids can send their cars on exciting rides through the dark, because thanks to its spectacular lighting, this playset ensures a stunning visual experience! The translucent light guides illuminate the racetrack tracks and create bright, colorful lighting effects. The translucent electronic tunnel included in the FleXtreme set acts as a light source and can be operated in two different modes: you either select a color statically, or leave the choice of color to chance — then when the racing car drives through the tunnel, the color changes automatically. Included is an exclusive Smoby FleXtreme neon racing car that features real headlights on the front and back as well as a translucent contour that further enhances the lighting. The play set includes the electronic tunnel, translucent rail parts with a length of 2.60 m, the light guide fibers of the appropriate length and the neon racing vehicle. Compatible with all existing Smoby FleXtreme playsets. Smoby FleXtreme Neon, the ultimate fun with brightly colored light effects for a stunning visual experience and the craziest racetrack routes: loops, vertical climbs, overhead rides. Can be combined with all play sets from the FleXtreme line. Item no.: 1825917
Kind of racetrack
EAN 3032161809175
Manufacturer no. 7600180917
FleXtreme series
Contents/equipment: battery-operated light tunnel, illuminated neon racing car and 2.60 m track sections with light guide fiber
Age recommendation from 4 years
Target group kindergarten children, school children
Vehicle(s) Model(s) illuminated neon racing car
Roadway length 2.6 m
Warnings Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months!
Caution: Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed!
Weight 1.2kg
Вес 1.29

Smoby FleXtreme Neon Set, racetrack

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