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QOLTEC 52230 cable tie Releasable cable tie Nylon White 100 pc(s)

QOLTEC 52230 cable tie Releasable cable tie...

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38.30 €

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Tootja: Qoltec
01.ee kaubakood:2504445
Tootekood: 52230
  • 5901878522302
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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High-quality reusable self-locking cable tie by Qoltec will find use virtually anywhere thanks to its functionality. Very easy installation and high mechanical strength guarantee satisfaction of use.<br><br><b>WHAT IS THE SELF-LOCKING CABLE TIE?</b><br>Qoltec brand Self-locking cable tie are made of flexible and durable nylon. They are designed to connect different types of elements together, such as cable organization. Thanks to their versatility, they are used virtually everywhere. Among other things, they can be found in the household, telecommunications, automotive workshops, gardening, electrical installations, warehouses and more.<br><br><b>HOW TO USE SELF-LOCKING CABLE TIE?</b><br>The use Self locking cable ties is very quick and easy. Just fit the clamp to the objects to be joined, then put the end of the clamp through the hole and clamp. The clamp is very flexible and elastic, which allows you to easily adjust the clamp. In addition, the evenly spaced teeth on the tip will make it easier to accurately fit the parts to be joined.<br><br><b>CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY</b><br>The Qoltec brand Self locking cable tie is a top quality, reusable, tear-resistant product. The Self locking cable ties retain their properties in the temperature range from -35°C to +85°C. They feature UV resistance and chemical resistance.Qoltec 52230. Type: Releasable cable tie, Material: Nylon, Product colour: White. Length: 250 mm, Width: 7.2 mm, Weight: 240 g. Quantity per pack: 100 pc(s)
Mõõdud 350.00000 x 155.00000 x 30.00000 mm
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QOLTEC 52230 cable tie Releasable cable tie Nylon White 100 pc(s)

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