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Gym Ball AVENTO 42OC 75cm Black

Gym Ball AVENTO 42OC 75cm Black

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Tootja: Noname
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Tootekood: 531SC42OCBLK
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This 75 cm Avento gymnastic ball is ideal for sit-ups, back exercises and a general fitness training. You can also increase torso stability and perform several aerobics and physical therapy exercises on it. This type of ball is also being used more and more as a replacement for (office) chairs so that the user takes on a better sitting posture and exercises unawares various muscle groups. The fitness ball is suitable for users with a body length of 185 — 195 cm and a body weight up to 100 kg. The anti-burst gym ball will go down slowly if punctured or overloaded. The gym ball has a diameter of 75 cm and is anti-static so as to attract less dust. A special Avento double-action hand pump is available for easy inflation of this gym ball. anti-burst antistatic diameter approx. 75 cm suitable for a user with a body length of approx. 185 up to 195 cm and a body weight up to 100 kg weight approx. 1300 grams
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Gym Ball AVENTO 42OC 75cm Black

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