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Tolmuimeja Mamibot Robot ExVac880S (black)

Tolmuimeja Mamibot Robot ExVac880S (black)

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Tootja: Mamibot
01.ee kaubakood:1764330
Tootekood: EXVAC880S BLACK
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Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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<b>funktsioonid:</b>- LDS 4.0 laser navigation- kaks side brushes- 2-in-1 mopping ja sweeping function- Slim design — 9.8 cm high- High suction power up to 2800 Pa- WeBack application- kaugjuhtimispult<b>Laser navigation</b>Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot is equipped with a quad-core R16 + DDR A7 chip combined with SLAM algorithm powered by LDS 4.0 laser navigation.<b>Intelligent cleaning</b>With a scanning frequency of 312 x 360°/min, the Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot will quickly create a map of your apartment/house. LaserLaser scans rooms faster ja more accurately than gyroscopic technology, so cleaning is smarter, better planned ja less chaotic.<b>Zoning</b>- Possibility of defining the area that the robot is to clean (e.g. one room),- Possibility of dividing the home into zones that the robot will clean in turn,- Possibility of sending the robot to a specific place that needs cleaning,- Possibility of setting up a virtual wall, so that the robot does not clean a certain part of the flat,- Possibility of designating a forbidden area (e.g. carpet or other place that is not to be cleaned).<b>Schedule ja control your Mamibot EXVAC880S when you are away from home with the mobile app</b>When you are away from home, thanks to the application you can plan, zone ja adjust the suction power of the robot. There are also commands such as: pause / restart / recharge the robot. Cleaning your home has never been so convenient.<b>High suction power 2800 Pa</b>The Mamibot EXVAC880S can easily handle vacuuming hair, pet food, dust ja even metal balls. It has three levels of vacuuming power 1000 Pa / 2000 Pa / 2800 Pa operated by a 23000 rpm motor to meet different requirements.<b>Large 370 ml water tank, 3 dosage levels</b>The water dosage is electronically controlled by a chip, mops an area of 150-200 m² with one refill of the container. Automatic water dosing starts when the container is full.<b>Modern dual-function robot: vacuuming ja mopping with simultaneous sweeping</b>This means that the Mamibot EXVAC880S can not only vacuum efficiently, but also mop the floor. For a better result, the cleaning robot additionally sweeps up the fine dirt while mopping. It does kaks tiresome household chores while you rest!<b>Resume Cleaning</b>When the Mamibot EXVAC880S Cleaning Robot is manually moved to another location or starts charging the battery, it will return to the spot left to clean the unfinished area.<b>Slim 9.8 cm design. Reach further, clean more!</b>The Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot is lower than most LDS laser robots. With a height of 9.8 cm, it will easily drive freely under a cabinet, dresser or bed. Thanks to its slim design, it can clean areas that would otherwise be difficult to access.<b>Covering obstacles up to 2 cm</b>The Mamibot EXVAC880S easily drives over carpets ja thresholds when the height of the obstacle is less than 2 cm.<b>Stylish design</b>The Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot looks inconspicuous but works hard.<b>Voice Control</b>The Mamibot EXVAC880S works with Amazon Alexa / Google Home.<b>kaugjuhtimispult</b>This feature is particularly useful for people who don''t use smartphones, the elderly or those who don''t want to share their data with an app provider.<br />Mamibot Robot vacuum cleaner ExVac880S (black). Dust container type: Bagless, Product colour: Black, Shape: Round. Dust capacity (total): 0.6 L, Noise level: 55 dB, Dust capacity (vacuum cleaner): 0.6 L. Battery capacity: 2600 mAh, Runtime: 110 min, Battery voltage: 14.8 V. Diameter: 33 cm, Height: 98 mm, Weight: 3 kg

Tolmuimeja Mamibot Robot ExVac880S (black)

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