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ASUS ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB Processor All-in-one liquid cooler 14 cm 1 pc(s)

ASUS ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB Processor...

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315.70 €

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Tootja: Asus
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Tootekood: 90RC00C1-M0UAY0
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ROG Strix LC II 280 ARGB AIO delivers high-performance CPU liquid cooling with sleek, modern aesthetics. Featuring a closed-loop design ja addressable RGB radiator fans, the cooler unleashes the full potential of an Intel® or AMD CPU while further accentuating your build with brilliant multi-color lighting effects. With the cooling you expect from ROG, Strix LC II 280 ARGB is ready to become an essential part of your rig ja light it up with your own unique style.<b>NEXT-LEVEL CUSTOMIZATION Emanate Your Style</b>Intricate new designs on ROG Strix LC II 280 ARGB showcase the iconic ROG aesthetic, ja every detail shines with the spirit of Strix. Aura Sync support on the pump cover’s new illuminated ROG logo ja addressable RGB radiator fans allows you to coordinate lighting effects with ROG build components — ja show off your personal style. Also, engraved ROG lettering on the radiator’s side complements the iridescent lettering on the hubs of each fan.<b>Optimized Fan Design</b>The ROG radiator fans are specifically tuned to deliver optimum performance on ROG Strix LC series radiators. The fans generate 102.3 cfm / 3.1 mmH2O for exceptional cooling efficiency.<b>Enhanced Pump Design</b>ROG Strix LC series​ is equipped with the latest cooling-plate design, which features micro-channels that provide greater surface area for thermal dissipation of CPU heat. This innovative feature reduces thermal resistance, delivering more efficient performance ja cooler temperatures.<b>Precise 4-pin PWM Pump Control</b>With 4-pin PWM control for both the pump ja radiator fans, ROG Strix LC series delivers precise speed control for the optimal balance of performance ja acoustics in every scenario.<b>COMPREHENSIVE COMPATIBILITY</b>ROG Strix LC series is compatible with a wide range of Intel® ja AMD motherboard platforms, giving you the flexibility to pair it with your choice of processor. It also comes fitted with 38 cm tubing to make mounting ja routing easier.<br />ASUS ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB. Type: All-in-one liquid cooler, Fan diameter: 14 cm. Width: 30 mm, Depth: 143 mm, Height: 315 mm

ASUS ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB Processor All-in-one liquid cooler 14 cm 1 pc(s)

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