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ASUS VivoWatch BP LCD Wristband activity tracker IP67 чёрный

ASUS VivoWatch BP LCD Wristband activity...

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Производитель: ASUS
Артикул 01.ee:1763901
Код производителя: 90HC00B1-M10P10
  • 4718017111102
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

<b>Live a healthier, happier lifestyle</b>ASUS VivoWatch BP is the world''s first wearable health tracker to integrate a pair of medical-класс Electricalgraphy (ECG) и Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors as well as ASUS HealthAI technology, providing 24/7 health-trend tracking и data analysis as well as fitness-tracking и smartwatch functionality in a compact и lightweight device. Together with the ASUS HealthConnect app, you can manage your blood pressure и heart-rate data in an intuitive и easy way.With 28-day battery life in normal use, VivoWatch BP is designed to be an everyday companion that offers personalized health advice и health-management tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.<b>ECG и PPG sensors</b><b>Health tracking anytime и anywhere</b>With an exclusive design featuring a pair of medical-класс Electricalgraphy (ECG) и Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, VivoWatch BP provides real-time pulse transit time (PTT) info including your heart rate, sleep, activity, exercise и de-stress level throughout the day.Unlike many other wrist-based monitors, VivoWatch BP operates without requiring you to sit и raise your arm during measurements и its compact size enables convenient operation anywhere.<b>Exclusive ASUS HealthAI in ASUS HealthConnect APPPersonalized advice for health management</b>The ASUS HealthConnect app with ASUS HealthAI technology uses an exclusive algorithm to automatically analyze ECG и PPG sensor data и other health measurements from VivoWatch BP. Providing personalized advice based on the latest research и from leading medical experts including the daily step и sleep goals, и even tracks your progress towards these goals, so you can easily make small lifestyle changes that can add up to big results.ASUS HealthConnect app is available for iOS и Android, и works seamlessly with VivoWatch BP.<b>28-day Battery Life</b><b>Your 24/7 health assistant</b>VivoWatch BP is designed to be worn over extended periods of time, и is optimized to spend more time on your wrist и less time on the charger. With up to 28 days of battery life in normal operation, VivoWatch BP is a 24/7 companion that is always there to help guide you to better health.<br />ASUS VivoWatch BP. Display type: LCD. Device type: Wristband activity tracker, Form factor: Other, Product colour: Black. Heart rate sensor type: Electrical, Optical. Battery life: 28 day(s). Weight: 45 g

ASUS VivoWatch BP LCD Wristband activity tracker IP67 чёрный

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