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Материнская плата ASUS PRO B560M-C/CSM Intel B560 LGA 1200 micro ATX

Материнская плата ASUS PRO B560M-C/CSM Intel...

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Производитель: ASUS
Артикул 01.ee:1763868
Код производителя: 90MB1720-M0EAYC
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Гарантия: 12 месяцев

ASUS Pro business motherboards provide enhanced особенности to smooth your IT operations, including comprehensive system protection, 24/7 stability и reliability и an improved management suite for easier customization. Known as the world''s biggest и best-known motherboard brand, ASUS provides world-class after-sales service и guaranteed long-term availability to maximize your investment over the product life cycle и offers a high-quality, TCO-optimized solution for your business computing-needs.<b>ASUS Corporate Stable Model</b>ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) is a commercial program designed to provide stable и reliable motherboards. Offering up to 36-month product lifecycle support и 6-month end-of-life notice to allow sufficient lead times for your organization to get ready for product transitions. Each purchase of an ASUS CSM motherboard comes with ASUS Control Center Express — server-grade IT management software.<b>ASUS Control Center Express</b>ASUS Control Center Express is a real-time IT monitoring и management tool designed for business that improves productivity и enhances security, helping prevent unauthorized access и data leaks. The intuitive dashboard enables easy, real-time hardware и software management across your organization. Purchase of a Pro motherboard entitles you to a copy of Control Center Express – a US$60<b>Internationally Certified Business Motherboard</b>ASUS business motherboards are enterprise proven with leading quality that exceeds industry standards. Certified by multiple international safety и environmental organizations, ASUS business motherboards provide a safe, secure и sustainable solution, making them the ideal choice for your business.<b>ASUS Shield Enhances system security from bottom to top</b><b>ASUS Self-recovering BIOS</b>ASUS-exclusive BIOS protection technology automatically recovers the system BIOS with a verified backup in the event of an update failure, preventing the need to replace or reinstall hardware.<b>ASUS Secure Boot</b>ASUS business motherboard is set to check the firmware и signature of each piece of boot software.<b>Trusted Platform Module (TPM)</b>Hardware-based security offers better data protection, enhances network security, protects digital identities и ensures platform integrity.<b>Certified NIST SP 800-147</b>ASUS business motherboard is certified by the national computer security standards.<b>ASUS Relian</b>tEnsures consistent performance with the finest components и rigorous reliability testing<b>PCIe® 4.0 Slot</b>ASUS Intel 500 series business motherboards are designed specifically for 11th Generation Intel® Core™ CPUs и offer PCIe® 4.0 connectivity for the devices. The wide bandwidth и superfast transmission speeds allow you to create feature-rich builds that can handle high loads effortlessly.<b>ASUS COM Debug Header</b>This 6-1 pin COM debug header allows for faster и more efficient motherboard troubleshooting. IT administrators can view error и debugging codes to get a better idea of initialization и recovery processes when connecting to a debug card.<b>24/7 Reliability Test</b>Optimized for twenty-four seven operations, the motherboard is tested under temperature up to 45°C и relative humidity up to 80% to ensure it can handle diverse temperature и humidity range of different location.<b>Anti-moisture CoatingProtection against moisture и corrosion</b>An innovative moisture-resistant coating protects the motherboard in humid environments, such as factories, libraries, data centers и internet cafes. It also minimizes internal corrosion by preventing dhesion и migration of moisture, prolonging the life of the motherboard.<b>Anti-sulfur Resistors</b>Consider long-term reliability of commercial product, ASUS business motherboard is equipped with anti-sulfur resistors. The resistors provide excellent resistance to sulfuration by constructed in a high grade ceramic body (aluminum oxide). With anti-sulfur resistors, ASUS business motherboard can be operated under the harsh environments.<b>LANGuardPumped-up throughput. 2.5X higher surge tolerance.</b>ASUS LANGuard is hardware-level networking protection that employs signal-coupling technology и premium anti-EMI surface-mounted capacitors ensuring a more reliable connection и better throughput, plus electrostatically guarded и surge-protected components for greater tolerance to static electricity и improved protection against surges.<b>Overvoltage ProtectionWorld-class circuit-protecting power design</b>An exclusive circuit design with built-in voltage regulators to protect your chipset, connectivity ports, и audio codecs from damage caused by unexpected high-level voltages from unstable or inferior power supplies.<b>Stainless-Steel Back I/O3X corrosion-resistance for greater durability</b>Corrosion-resistant stainless steel back I/O panels bonded with chromium oxide have a lifespan that''s three times longer than ordinary panels.<b>ESD GuardsElectrostatic discharge protection</b>ASUS ESD Guards prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, up to +/- 10kV for air discharge и +/-15kV for contact discharge, arranged in an active-protective-circuit design that prolongs the life of components.<b>ASUS Management SuiteMakes customization и management more efficient</b>- BIOS updatesUpdate status, latest version и update time- AC power lossAbnormal power loss events- RTC resetTime of real-time-clock (RTC) reset- Chassis intrusionRecord of when chassis is opened- Hardware changesModifications to CPU, memory or HDDs- Hardware statusUSB over current, CPU over temperature, и CPU over voltage events<b>Remote IT Management</b>The onboard SMBUS header* connects to a DASH LAN card for remote IT management. DASH is a desktop и mobile architecture system hardware that allows the motherboard to be managed via the network.<b>ASUS Commercial BIOS Kit</b>ASUS understands how important a customized product impacts users'' mind share, experience the brand new Commercial BIOS Kit for partial BIOS update solution!- BIOS Value Edit Tool Customize the BIOS options- BIOS Boot Logo Tool Brand your builds with a customized boot logo- OEM Activation (OA) Tools Add or remove the OEM Activation key- Desktop Management Interface (DMI) Easily add customer information, such as company name, to the BIOS- Intel® Management Engine (Intel® ME) Driver Update the Management Engine without flashing the whole BIOS<br />ASUS PRO B560M-C/CSM. Processor manufacturer: Intel, Processor socket: LGA 1200, Compatible processor series: Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Core™ i9, Intel Pentium G. Supported memory types: DDR4-SDRAM, Maximum internal memory: 128 GB, Supported memory clock speeds: 2133,2400,2666,2800,2933,3200,3333,3466,3600,3733,4000,4266,4600 MHz. Supported storage drive interfaces: M.2, SATA III. Component for: PC, Motherboard form factor: micro ATX, Motherboard chipset family: Intel. BIOS type: UEFI AMI, BIOS memory size: 128 Mbit

Материнская плата ASUS PRO B560M-C/CSM Intel B560 LGA 1200 micro ATX

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