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ASUS VivoWatch SP (HC-A05) 3.05 cm (1.2") LCD must GPS (satellite)

ASUS VivoWatch SP (HC-A05) 3.05 cm (1.2")...

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429.60 €

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Tootja: ASUS
01.ee kaubakood:1763905
Tootekood: 90HC00D1-MWP0E0
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Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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<b>Your health, in harmony</b>ASUS VivoWatch SP is an intelligent wearable health tracker that offers 24/7 health ja fitness monitoring ja insights to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle ja achieve fitness goals. Together with the ASUS HealthConnect app, you can track blood pressure, heart rate, exercise, sleep ja a variety of other health categories in an intuitive ja easy way. Exclusive ASUS HealthAI technology then provides personalized health-management tips based on health measurements, manual recording ja personal habits.Stylish ja durable, with up to 14-day battery life ja a swim-proof design, VivoWatch SP is designed to be a 24/7 health companion that goes anywhere. It accepts standard watch bands ja features a variety of changeable faces, giving you a powerful health companion that reflects your individual style.<b>Exercise heart rate ja pulse transit time (PTT)</b>VivoWatch SP features a pair of electricalgraphy (ECG) ja photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, enabling it to calculate pulse transit time (PTT) as well as measure heart rate, sleep ja activity ja stress levels throughout the day, giving you a variety of insights for better health management.<b>Body Harmony Index</b>With its ECG sensor, VivoWatch SP measures your body''s sympathetic ja parasympathetic response ja calculates a Vitality Index ja Relax Index in just one minute. The Vitality Index is a score of your resiliency to stress, while the Relax Index is a score of your current relaxation or stress level. The two scores are then used to calculate a Body Harmony Index that gives you an easy to understand view of your body''s overall stress response.<b>Automatic health measurements</b>You can set VivoWatch SP to perform automatic pulse transit time (PTT) measurements at regular intervals ja receive notifications of the results, giving you an easy ja convenient way to stay informed about your health.<b>Smart health-management tools</b><b>Medication tracking ja reminders</b>Enter your medicine schedule in the ASUS HealthConnect app, ja VivoWatch SP will remind you when it’s time to take each medication, helping you to keep a regular schedule ja never miss a dose.<b>Health data ja personalized analysis sharing</b>Share selected health data with your family, doctor or anyone you choose, securely ja easily. This long-term information may offer additional insights over individual blood-pressure measurements done at a clinic.<b>Cloud data storage</b>Back up your health data to the cloud ja easily download it to any of your mobile devices.<b>Google Fit ja Apple Health support</b>Better flexibility for health data management<b>Personalized sleep-quality analysis</b>VivoWatch SP tracks your sleep duration ja quality, giving you insights to help you get your best night’s sleep. By tracking your heart rate in the background, VivoWatch SP can determine when you are winding down ja begin automatically tracking your sleep. It also uses your pulse oxygen ja heart rate measurements to determine how deep ja restful your sleep is. Movement throughout the night is another indicator of sleep quality, so VivoWatch SP tracks your motion ja records how many times you turn from side to side each night.The sleep information VivoWatch SP tracks syncs automatically to the ASUS HealthConnect app, where you can review your daily sleep summary ja see weekly statistics.<b>Your 24/7 smart assistant</b><b>Water resistant to 50 meters</b>With excellent water resistance, you can wear VivoWatch SP while swimming or get caught in the occasional rainstorm without worry.<b>Long battery life</b>VivoWatch SP delivers up to 14 days of battery life in normal operation, making it a 24/7 companion that is always there to help guide you to better health.<b>Call ja text notifications</b>Receive visual ja vibration notifications of incoming calls ja texts without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag.<b>World clock</b>Display a second time zone ja the time difference between local time for convenience while traveling.<b>Stylish ja convenient</b>With a universal design that accepts standard quick-release watch bands, you can easily change the look of VivoWatch SP to match your personal style ja fit any occasion. VivoWatch SP also features a variety of attractive watch faces to choose from, giving you more options to create a watch that''s truly your own.<br />ASUS VivoWatch SP (HC-A05). Display diagonal: 3.05 cm (1.2"), Display technology: LCD, Touchscreen. GPS (satellite). Battery capacity: 200 mAh. Weight: 62 g. Band material: Silicone, Band colour: Black, Band size: One Size

ASUS VivoWatch SP (HC-A05) 3.05 cm (1.2") LCD must GPS (satellite)

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