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Emaplaat ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR AMD B550 Socket AM4 ATX

Emaplaat ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR AMD B550...

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Tootja: ASUS
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The ProArt B550-Creator motherboard equips creative professionals with powerful riistvara ja software tools to accelerate their workflows. Featuring comprehensive, efficient cooling ja lightning-fast connectivity, this board maximizes the computing power of the latest AMD Ryzen processors to let you create faster ja get more done. Combined with a stylish design, advanced security features ja the trusted stability ja reliability ASUS motherboards are known for, ProArt B550-Creator perfects the art of performance to empower your creative flow.<b>Lightning-Speed Connectivity</b>A comprehensive array of powerful I/O ports — including two Thunderbolt™ 4 ports, two 2.5G Ethernet ja four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports — enables quick data transfers ja extensive storage options with flexible, hassle-free connectivity.<b>Dual Thunderbolt™ 4 Type-C®</b>Each Thunderbolt™ 4 port delivers up to 40 Gbps of bidirectional bandwidth for the latest high-speed devices ja drives. Thunderbolt 4 also supports up to two external 4K displays ja extends PCIe bandwidth to up to 32 Gbps.<b>Dual 2.5G Ethernet</b>Experience faster data transfers ja high-res video streaming with two Intel 2.5G Ethernet (I225-V) ports. ProArt B550-Creator also features CreationFirst, exclusive network optimization software that allocates more bandwidth to speed up essential apps for your work.<b>Unthrottled Performance</b>ProArt B550-Creator provides robust power delivery ja comprehensive cooling to handle the latest AMD Ryzen™ processors. It also supports PCIe 4.0, providing everything you need for the most demanding multithreaded tasks like 3D or video rendering ja software compiling.<b>Robust Power Design</b>ProArt B550-Creator provides robust power delivery to handle the full power of latest Ryzen processors ja improve overall system stability.<b>Teamed Power Stages</b>12+2 power stages combine high-side ja low-side MOSFETs ja drivers into a single package, delivering the power ja efficiency that the latest AMD Ryzen processors demand.<b>Digi+ Power Control</b>The ASUS Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) is one of the finest in the industry ja ensures ultra-smooth power delivery to the CPU.<b>ProCool II Power Connector</b>The ProCool socket is built to exacting specifications to ensure flush contact with the PSU power lines, enabling lower impedance ja better heat dissipation.<b>Choke & Capacitor</b>Superior alloy chokes ja durable capacitors are engineered to resist extreme temperatures, providing a higher level of performance than the industry standard.<b>6-Layer PCB</b>The 6-layer PCB quickly dissipates heat around the VRM to improve overall system stability ja give the CPU more overclocking headroom.<b>Cool to the Core</b>The VRM ja M.2 heatsink designs ensure effective cooling of the CPU ja SSD to ensure system stability ja fast storage performance for seamless content creation workflows.<b>VRM Heatsink & Thermal Pad</b>Large, high-mass heatsinks with an extensive surface area along with high-quality thermal pads help transfer heat from VRM ja choke areas to improve heat dissipation.<b>M.2 Heatsink</b>Both M.2 drives sit under a passive heatsink to ward off the throttling that can occur with sustained transfers.<b>Stack Cool 3+</b>Layers of 2-ounce copper draw heat away from critical components to keep them at their optimal operating temperatures.<b>Industry-Leading Security</b>Advanced security from ASUS Control Center Express to protect your data ja system.<b>USB Port Management</b>Enable or disable the USB port or set it to Read Only to prevent data leaks.<b>Software Blacklist</b>A software blacklist is also available to prevent running of high-risk applications for IT security.<b>Registry Editor On/Off</b>Remotely disable the Registry Editor on client devices to prevent unauthorized changes to system configurations for enhanced security.<b>ProArt Gives You More</b>ProArt-exclusive software utilities deliver intuitive system monitoring, audio ja networking enhancements that smooth your workflow.<b>Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation</b>With working-from-home becoming the new normal, clear online communication is critical, even for content creators. Our latest audio utility leverages a massive deep-learning database to reduce background noise from the microphone ja incoming audio. Distracting keyboard clatter, mouse clicks ja other ambient noises are smartly pared back so you can hear ja be heard with crystal clarity while in calls.<b>ProArt Creator Hub</b>A user-friendly interface designed to enhance your workflow through central system monitoring ja control of all connected ProArt Series products, including motherboards ja displays.1. Fan ModeFan mode quickly configures your system''s cooling by selecting the preferred fan setting.2. Task GroupApplications that are frequently used together can be arranged into groups ja launched with a single click.<b>CreationFirst</b>Network-optimization software allows you to prioritize applications in order to allocate more bandwidth to speed up essential apps ja tasks.1. Adaptive Intelligence ModeIntelligently prioritizes bandwidth of heavy-use applications by identifying in-use applications ja using foreground acceleration.2. Creation First ModeAllocates more bandwidth to active content-creation applications to optimize network traffic, making your workflow more efficient.<b>Trusted Stability</b>ASUS ProArt B550-Creator is engineered ja rigorously tested to offer superior quality, stability ja compatibility to ensure that it empowers your creativity for years to come.<br />ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR. Processor manufacturer: AMD, Processor socket: Socket AM4, Compatible processor series: AMD Ryzen™ 3, AMD Ryzen™ 5, AMD Ryzen™ 7, 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen™ 9, AMD Ryzen 9 5th Gen. Supported memory types: DDR4-SDRAM, Maximum internal memory: 128 GB, Memory slots type: DIMM. Supported storage drive interfaces: M.2, PCI Express 3.0, PCI Express 4.0, SATA III, Supported storage drive types: HDD & SSD, RAID levels: 0, 1, 10. USB connector type: USB Type-A, USB Type-C. Ethernet interface type: 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, LAN controller: Intel I225-V

Emaplaat ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR AMD B550 Socket AM4 ATX

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