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Hiir Asus ROG Keris juhtmevaba Right-hand RF juhtmevaba + Bluetooth + USB Type-A optiline 16000 DPI

Hiir Asus ROG Keris juhtmevaba Right-hand RF...

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Tootja: Asus
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<b>MADE FOR PROS</b>ROG Keris juhtmevaba is a lightweight, 79-gram FPS juhtmevaba gaming hiir featuring tri-mode connectivity — wired, 2.4 GHz RF, or Bluetooth® LE — and a specially tuned ROG 16,000 dpi sensor. It also features exclusive push-fit switch sockets with ROG Micro Switches, left and right PBT polymer buttons, swappable side buttons, ROG Omni hiir feet, ROG Paracord and Aura Sync RGB lighting.<b>TRI-MODE CONNECTIVITY</b>ROG Keris juhtmevaba can be connected in one of three ways — via ultrafast 2.4 GHz, energy-efficient Bluetooth® LE, or wired USB. Use 2.4 GHz juhtmevaba for gaming, and switch to Bluetooth LE for daily tasks.<b>ULTIMATE ACCURACY</b>Every strike is critical. At the heart of ROG Keris juhtmevaba is an optical sensor that’s been specially-tuned by ROG, giving you unerring accuracy and precision to take down the competition.<b>ERGONOMIC DESIGN</b>ROG enlisted the help of professional gamers when designing Keris juhtmevaba, using their feedback to create a gaming hiir with exceptional ergonomics. The resulting fine-tuned curves are a perfect fit for any hand, making it the ideal hiir for marathon gaming.<b>ROG MICRO SWITCH</b>Keris juhtmevaba features the new ROG Micro Switch with 70-million-click lifespan and a gold-plated electro-junction to improve durability and extend life. Strict ROG manufacturing standards ensure each individual switch is inspected and sorted, with both left and right switches paired to keep force deviation within +/- 5 gram-force for a consistent click feel.<b>EXCLUSIVE PUSH-FIT SWITCH SOCKET</b>Exclusive push-fit switch sockets make it easy to drop in new switches — so you can tailor operating force and feedback to preference, or replace worn or broken switches to extend lifespan.<b>LIGHTWEIGHT INTERNAL STRUCTURE</b>An internal honeycomb-like structure provides structural support while keeping weight down to just 79 grams.<b>PBT L/R BUTTONS</b>The left and right PBT buttons have a durable nonslip surface that resists wear or shine, ensuring a consistent feel.<b>ROG PARACORD</b>ROG Keris juhtmevaba includes the improved ROG Paracord. Extremely flexible and lightweight, it’s designed to minimize snags and maximize movement. The raised port design also provides space between the cable and tabletop or mousepad surface, minimizing cable drag and noise.<b>ADVANCED POWER SOLUTION</b>USB Type-C® fast charging provides up to 12 hours of gameplay from just a 15-minute charge. Play wirelessly for up to 78 hours with lights off, or up to 56 hours with RGB lighting on*.*Battery life test conducted in 2.4 GHz mode.<b>ROG OMNI hiir FEET</b>After a series of tests, the ROG design team determined that hiir feet and directionality affect glide more than size. The 100% Teflon (PTFE) hiir feet are rounded and 25% smoother than those found in other gaming mice to ensure an effortless glide across any surface.<b>DPI ON-THE-SCROLL</b>A unique DPI On-The-Scroll feature lets you easily adjust hiir sensitivity without accessing software. Just press and hold the DPI button and then spin the scroll wheel to set the sensitivity level. You can also just click the button to cycle through four different DPI levels.Note: The scroll wheel light changes color, based on the selected DPI range.<b>AURA RGB LIGHTING & ARMOURY CRATE</b>ROG Aura RGB lighting is integrated into the logo and the scroll wheel of ROG Keris juhtmevaba. Lighting can be customized with a near-endless spectrum of colors and a range of dynamic effects. In addition, up to three profiles can be stored onboard, so your preferences travel with you. Armoury Crate lets you easily tune Keris juhtmevaba to suit your gameplay — adjust performance and surface calibration settings, program and map buttons, customize lighting effects, and more.<br />ASUS ROG Keris juhtmevaba. Form factor: Right-hand. Movement detection technology: Optical, Device interface: RF juhtmevaba + Bluetooth + USB Type-A, Movement resolution: 16000 DPI, Buttons type: Pressed buttons, Buttons quantity: 7, Scroll type: Wheel. Illumination colour: Multi. Power source: Batteries. Product colour: Black
Mõõdud 117.00000 x 67.00000 x 176.00000 mm
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Hiir Asus ROG Keris juhtmevaba Right-hand RF juhtmevaba + Bluetooth + USB Type-A optiline 16000 DPI

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