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Toiteplokk ASUS ROG-STRIX-750G unit 750 W 20+4 pin ATX 1U

Toiteplokk ASUS ROG-STRIX-750G unit 750 W...

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250.50 €

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Tootja: ASUS
01.ee kaubakood:1745507
Tootekood: 90YE00A0-B0NA00
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<b>The ROG Strix 750W Gold PSU brings premium cooling performance to the põhiliste.</b><b>Frozen Silence</b>The ROG Strix Series PSUs bring high-end cooling ja premium components together for an ultra-quiet high-performance product aimed at core gamers. In terms of cooling, massive ROG heatsinks trickle down from the mighty ROG Thor series ja Axial-tech fan design from our premium NVIDIA RTX™ graphics cards also make an appearance. Below the surface, low RDS (on) MOSFETs ja premium Japanese capacitors take on power delivery with ease. The result is an incredibly quiet ja efficient power supply with the reserves to handle the most intense gaming scenarios.<b>ROG HeatsinksLet it sink in</b>The integrated ROG heatsinks have 2x more volume than traditional designs, resulting in significantly lower temperatures inside Strix PSUs. This extends the lifespan of components ja allows 0dB operation for a longer duration than standard designs. The heatsinks are so effective that fan noise stays whisper quiet, even under full load.<b>Axial-tech Fan DesignBetter, faster, stronger</b>Originally the result of R&D efforts for top-end ROG graphics cards, Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades ja a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure. The enhanced efficiency allows the fan to keep things cool at low RPMs, resulting in less overall system noise ja increased component lifespan.<b>Dual Ball Fan Bearings2x longer lifespan</b>Different bearing types have unique pros ja cons. In a PSU, durability is paramount, so we built a dual ball bearing setup that will last up to twice as long as a sleeve bearing design.<b>0dB TechnologyQuiet intelligence</b>An onboard controller brings the 135mm fan to a standstill when total draw power (TDP) is below 40%, letting you enjoy light gaming in relative silence. Above 40% TDP, the fans automatically start up again.<b>80 Plus Gold CertificationHeart of Gold</b>Top-end Japanese capacitors ensure efficient operation ja have helped the Strix earn an 80 PLUS Gold certification. The increased efficiency also results in less heat, reducing noise ja increasing reliability.<b>Cosmetic CustomizationA e s t h e t i c</b>Getting everything looking right can be a challenging aspect of any setup. The ROG Strix Series PSUs aim to make your life a little easier with a convenient magnetic logo ja stickers that help you reskin the visible side to your liking.<b>Fully Modular CablesPlug in</b>Keep your rig neat ja tidy with fully modular cables. One 24-pin, two 6+2-pin PCI-e, ja two 8-pin CPU cables come with embedded capacitors that reduce voltage ripple, ja the included CableMod coupon will set you on your way towards next-level customization.<br />ASUS ROG-STRIX-750G. Total power: 750 W, AC input voltage: 100 — 240 V, AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz. Motherboard power connector: 20+4 pin ATX. Purpose: PC, Power supply unit (PSU) form factor: 1U, 80 PLUS certification: 80 PLUS Gold. Fan diameter: 13.5 cm. Cables included: AC, PCIe, SATA
Mõõdud 185.00000 x 315.00000 x 115.00000 mm
Kiilas 3.36100

Toiteplokk ASUS ROG-STRIX-750G unit 750 W 20+4 pin ATX 1U

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