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Kõvaketas Plextor M6e Half-Height/Half-Length (HH/HL) 256 GB PCI Express 2.0

Kõvaketas Plextor M6e Half-Height...

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266.70 €

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Tootja: Plextor
01.ee kaubakood:1739228
Tootekood: PX-256M6E-BK
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Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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The Plextor M6e Black Edition is a PCI Express solid state drive (SSD) specifically designed to create the perfect gaming platform that offers the extreme performance demanded by professional gaming.Components of the highest standards are supplemented by the newly developed PlexTurbo 2.0 intelligent SSD software cache technology which achieves the final step in accelerated SSD performance.Toshiba''s finest synchronous Toggle NAND flash memory, with the latest generation dual-core Marvell® 88SS9183 controller chip, are used to boost the sequential read/write speeds of the M6e to 770/625 MB/s. Random read/write speeds also broke through the 105K/100K IOPS barrier, giving the SSD the capability to easily handle the high data-exchange volume and complex computing demands of the most modern games to give gamers an unparalleled rush of speed and execution.Additionally, Plextor has introduced high performance cooling fins to improve convectional cooling within the computer tower. In addition to their practical functions, the fins offer an awe-inspiring exterior to fully sate the owner''s desires.There is virtually no difference in performance between "clean" and "dirty" M6e Black Edition SSDs. The M6e benefits from Plextor True Speed technology that prevents performance degradation when the drive enters dirty status.<b>PlexTurbo 2.0</b>PlexTurbo 2.0 is the latest generation of SSD memory cache solutions offered by Plextor. Version 2.0 comes with increased system memory size, boosting the service life of M6e Black Edition SSD while vastly accelerating access speed performance.<b>TrueSpeed</b>Plextor True Speed Technology keeps long-term SSD performance at like-new speeds after periods of use and when the SSD is nearly full.<b>TrueProtect</b>Plextor''s exclusive TrueProtect system provides both 256-bit AES full-drive encryption and advanced multi-layer error checking for full data protection.PlexTurbo 2.0 offers an intelligent SSD memory cache solution. Plextor M6e Black Edition is able to use system memory for boosting storage and access performance, liberating it from the speed limits imposed by hardware interfaces.<b>Performance Boost</b>PlexTurbo 2.0 includes an Intelligent Boost Engine® (IBE) technology, to automatically detect hot data (frequently accessed) and cold data (occasionally accessed) and applies the best caching patterns for higher performance.With Reduced Memory Usage® (RMU) technology, PlexTurbo 2.0 will dynamically create and compare data patterns then merge the same command data into one buffer to accelerate write response speed.<b>Safe Power Loss</b>Automatically protects against loss of data from the RAM cache during a power interruption or unexpected system crash.<b>Life Extension Mechanism</b>Extends life of SSD flash memory by using smart algorithms to eliminate unnecessary writes.The M6e Black Edition supports both UEFI and legacy BIOS booting, providing flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of systems. Full UEFI support allows the system to initiate all storage devices simultaneously, improving efficiency and cutting boot times by half.<b>Designed for PCI Express</b>The M6e Black Edition uses the ultra-modern PCI Express connection to achieve new performance records. It provides higher performance and bandwidth than conventional SATA connectionsAdvanced next-generation form factors supported, the M6e Black Edition can help gamers easily build extreme-performance gaming computers. Utilizing a PCI Express Gen 2 x 2, the M6e Black Edition bypasses the SATA speed bottleneck to improve the gaming experience.<b>Support AHCI Mode</b>Driver-free AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) compatibility eliminates the need for additional drivers.Plextor''s Zero-Failure Zero-Error standard during rigorous testing using the world''s most advanced SSD testing facilities — FLEXSTAR testing chamber. The M6e Black Edition provides extreme reliability with a MTBF calculated at 2.4 million hours after reaching.The M6e Black Edition is backed by a full five-year Plextor warranty with the reassurance of a network of repair centers and international technical support. An extensive technical support system will provide support throughout the drive''s long life and make the M6e Black Edition a performance upgrade that you can have total confidence in.<br />Plextor M6e. SSD capacity: 256 GB, SSD form factor: Half-Height/Half-Length (HH/HL), Read speed: 770 MB/s, Write speed: 580 MB/s

Kõvaketas Plextor M6e Half-Height/Half-Length (HH/HL) 256 GB PCI Express 2.0

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